Each Way (Horse Racing)

Overview An each way bet consists of two separate bets. A win bet and a place bet. For the win part of the bet to be a winning bet, the selection must win. If the selection wins your will also win the second part of the bet, the place bet. For the place part of ..

Win Bet (Horse Racing)

Overview The horse racing win bet market is quite simple. If your selection wins, then your bet is a winning bet. If your selection fails to win, then your bet is a losing bet. Although the market is simple enough to figure out if your bet is a winner or not, in some cases your ..

Place Only (Horse Racing)

Overview A place only bet is different from an each way bet in that it is one bet and requires the selection to finish in the predetermined places. Your “Place Only” odds should be relative to the win bet odds with the place pay out applied. Although the return will be less than a normal ..